TGH Cancer Institute: Changing the Paradigm in the Treatment of Cancer.

The forum will be held October 10th, 2023, at Hotel Alba, 5303 West Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Fl 33609, in the Grand Ballroom.


This event will provide an opportunity to share up-to-date information on current and transformative oncology trends and generate discussion among academic and oncology experts and industry partners on topics such as hematology-oncology disease states, approved novel deliveries/therapies and supportive oncology care.  

Registration is required whether you are paying by check, credit card, or colleague paid.

Please tap the payment scenario (link) that fits: 

Medical Science Liaison

1 Table 1-2 Company Representatives - $2000

1 Table 3 Company Representatives - $2500

1 Table 4 Company Representatives - $3000

1 Additional Representative to a paid table - $500

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Bonnie Duggan (813) 335-4332