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Pancreas Transplant Outcomes & Survival Rate Information

Female physician talking with an elderly patientAs with other transplant centers throughout the nation, Tampa General Hospital’s pancreas transplant survival rate is tracked by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR). To best understand these rates, it is important to remember that Tampa General Hospital's Transplant Center accepts challenging transplant cases that other transplant centers may not, a fact that can affect survival rates.

We perform several types of adult pancreas transplant surgeries, so the survival rates vary depending on the particular procedure in question. The SRTR tracks the overall survival rate for all of these surgeries. According to the SRTR data released in July 2015, the one-year survival rate for all pancreas transplant procedures performed at TGH was 97.22 percent, while the national average was 97.35 percent. The majority of these procedures were simultaneous pancreas / kidney transplants, when a patient receives both organs in one surgery, but we also perform pancreas alone and pancreas after kidney transplants.

The most current SRTR data (July 2015) show that TGH has high one-year survival rates for our pancreas surgeries:

  • Pancreas alone transplants – Our one-year survival rate was 100 percent, as compared to the national average of 95.67 percent.
  • Combined pancreas / kidney transplants – Our one-year survival rate was 97.06 percent, compared to the national average of 97.62 percent.

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In addition to having pancreas transplant survival rate data that meets or exceeds national benchmarks, TGH has some of the shortest wait times in the country for pancreas transplants, due to our partnership with the organ procurement organization LifeLink Foundation, Inc. In fact, the latest SRTR data shows that on average half of the patients on our pancreas transplant waiting list will receive their transplant within three months of listing.

For more information about the patient survival rate at Tampa General Hospital’s Pancreas Transplant Program, go to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network or the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.