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Charles W. Brock, MD
Specialty: Neurology
Gender: Male
USF Department of Neurology
13000 Bruce B. Downs VA127
Tampa, FL 33612
Phone: (813) 972-7633
Karel Calero, MD
Specialty: Sleep Medicine
Gender: Male
USF Department of Pulmonary & Critical Care
2 Tampa General Circle 6th Floor
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 259-0619
Stanley S. Shama, DPM
Specialty: Podiatry
Gender: Male
Ankle and Foot Associates
232 Bullard Parkway
Temple Terrace, FL 33617
Phone: (813) 985-2811
Ahmed Monier Sherif, MD
Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology
Gender: Male
Radiology Associates of Tampa Inc.
1 Tampa General Circle 2nd Floor Cardiac Imaging
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 844-7444
Jacques A Durr, MD
Specialty: Nephrology
Gender: Male
USF Nephrology Division
13220 USF Laurel Drive 4th Floor
Tampa, FL 33612
Phone: (813) 974-4115
Sridhara Sastry, MD
Specialty: Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Gender: Male
Pediatric Critical Care Associates
5003 East Long Boat Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33615
Phone: (813) 855-7884