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Robin Malie Pierre, PsyD
Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Gender: Female
TGH Rehabilitation Center
6 Tampa General Circle Room 205
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 844-8597
Max F. Rattes, MD
Max F. Rattes, MD
Max F. Rattes, MD
Specialty: Cardiology
Gender: Male
Tampa General Medical Group
5 Tampa General Circle Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 251-0793
Marla E Sevilla Alsina, MD
Specialty: Endocrinology Diabetes & Meta
Gender: Female
USF Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism
2 Tampa General Circle
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 396-2580
Kevin Heinsimer, MD
Specialty: Urology
Gender: Male
USF Urology
2 Tampa General Circle 6th Floor
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 250-2213
Rigoberto Nicholas Nunez, MD
Specialty: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Gender: Male
Rehabilitiation and Electrodiagnostics PA
2914 North Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: (813) 228-7696
Bengt Herweg, MD
Specialty: Cardiac Electrophysiology
Gender: Male
USF Department of Cardiology
2 Tampa General Circle 5th Floor
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 259-0660