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Mental Wellness

Mental wellness has a significant impact on every individual’s quality of life. Beyond personal well-being, when we can cope with the stresses of life, and work and live productively, we are able to make a positive contribution to our community. That’s why mental wellness, just like movement and healthy eating, is a core focus of our TampaWell program. We are working with partners to launch resiliency programs to improve the mental wellness of our community.

TampaWell Partners with Hillsborough County for Mindful Mondays Program

Hillsborough County’s Mindful Mondays promotes different ways you can make your mental wellness a priority. From chair yoga virtual classes to tips on how to decompress after a stressful day, the program provides free, online resources for all members of our community.

As part of the TampaWell program, psychologists and educators from Tampa General Hospital lend their expertise and provide tips for improving your own psychological well-being.

Join the wellness revolution in Tampa Bay! Become a TampaWell partner today!

Interested in becoming a community partner and helping us support the community’s mental health and wellness? Call Rachel Bozich at 813-844-7349. Or click here and fill out the form to contact us.


TampaWell Testimonial

"When I left the military, I struggled to find my purpose. I had insomnia and post-traumatic stress. I gained a lot of weight and my relationship started to suffer. So many veterans suffer with mental health issues, and they’re reluctant to talk about it or ask for help. What we've noticed is that veterans will come into the fitness program at TGH and after a number of weeks or months of trusting the staff, meeting other veterans, etc., they’ll reach out and take that next step into higher, more complex levels of care. It means the world to me to have started this program and to see it come to life at Tampa General.”
-Armando Hernandez, Director, Home Base of Florida