About TampaWell

Empowering our communities to thrive through health, wellness and care.

Who We Are

Our mission at Tampa General Hospital is to empower communities and transform lives. TampaWell is the embodiment of that mission. This endeavor focuses not only on preventative health to reduce chronic disease and hospital readmissions; it also supports the city’s most at-risk residents by addressing underlying social factors that impact health. Our aim is to make TampaWell a model for the nation in preventative health and wellness. Through collaboration with the City of Tampa and by engaging additional community partners, we can ultimately extend the wellness revolution to every neighborhood across our city. Here are just some of the innovative and exciting things already in the works.

  • Launch the Exercise is Medicine Initiative: TGH is the first health system in the region to systematically prescribe exercise and healthy foods as medicine.

  • Build and open the TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy: A unique gathering place that will nourish the bodies and minds of residents in East Tampa.

  • Establish Healthy Partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses and community members to establish innovative programs and expand their impact.

  • Activate Area Wellness Trails: Enhance wellness trails and create exercise programs to encourage participation in outdoor fitness activities.

  • Promote Positive Mental Health: We are working to launch resiliency programs to improve the mental health of our community.

  • Deliver Healthy Connectivity: Launch the TampaWell smartphone app to spread the word and raise awareness of ways to be TampaWell.

  • Spread Healthy Living: Establish educational programs for children, communities and even corporations to raise awareness of ways to be TampaWell.


Activating communities through an ecosystem that empowers mobility, mindfulness and care.


Improved Health:

  • Create positive community outreach, engagement and trust

  • Improve the overall health of Tampa Bay residents

  • Reduce healthcare costs through preventative healthcare

  • Provide support and access to programs for at-risk communities

Positive economic impact:

  • Establish Tampa Bay as the premier wellness destination in the U.S.

  • Boost health and wellness tourism in Tampa Bay

  • Attract more top talent and business to Tampa Bay

Community Health

While Tampa already has a good foundation for promoting wellness – including a young and growing workforce, a good economic environment, and a solid infrastructure of fitness facilities and programs – it also has some characteristics and habits that need improvement.

“The Tampa region is already top of mind throughout the sports world thanks to the successes of our Buccaneers, Lightning and Rays, and now we’re aiming to be a model for the nation in preventative health and wellness.”

- Mayor Jane Castor, City of Tampa

Health Conditions

  • 33.2% of adults have high blood cholesterol

  • 36.3% of adults have high blood pressure

  • 13.2% of adults have diabetes

  • 9.9% of adults had coronary heart disease, heart attack, or stroke

Obesity and Overweight

  • 26.7% of adults are obese

  • 37.3% of adults are overweight

  • Only 34.1% of adults are a healthy weight

  • 28% of children >= 2-5 years are overweight or obese

  • 25.4% of students in middle and high school are overweight or obese

Physical Activity

  • 29.0% of adults are sedentary

  • 55.6% of adults are not active enough


By developing and applying a science-based approach to health, TampaWell focuses on guiding residents towards healthier choice. This program aims to engage stakeholders throughout the City of Tampa to encourage all community members to lead healthier lifestyles.

“More than ever before, we have a great opportunity to create a unique and holistic wellness ecosystem that not only improves the health of our residents and the health of our economy, but also differentiates Tampa as the most attractive wellness destination in the country.”

- John Couris, president and CEO of Tampa General Hospital