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On May 10, 2022, Tampa General Hospital and the City of Tampa broke ground on an exciting initiative designed to nourish the bodies and minds of area residents. Work has begun on a community garden at TGH Family Care Center Healthpark, which serves one of the most food insecure neighborhoods in the city. The community garden will provide residents with access to nutritious fruits and vegetables, education on healthy nutrition along with support for obese and chronically ill adults and children living in the area.

The community garden will be connected with a food pantry operated by TGH and stocked by Feeding Tampa Bay. We will also offer healthy eating programs for people of all ages, and financial wellness programs for adults.

How Does the TGH Community Garden Benefit Residents?

Many residents in the Tampa Bay area face barriers when it comes to accessing resources for proper nutrition. Ensuring this access is critical to developing and maintaining healthy communities. The goals of the TampaWell community garden include:

  • Improving the health of the community
  • Providing food security to vulnerable residents
  • Community access to nutritious foods
  • Providing educational and developmental opportunities
  • Establishing a space for social change
  • Supporting obese and chronically ill patients and residents, including adults and children

Please visit us at 5802 N. 30th Street, Tampa, FL 33610

 TampaWell Testimonial


It’s been really meaningful for me to join Feeding Tampa Bay and to be able to support people who don't have a lot of resources to make changes to their health and their lives. Through our FoodRX program with Tampa General, we work together to give people in the East Tampa community access to healthy groceries and nutritional support. It’s incredibly rewarding.”
- Kelley Brickfield, Assistant Director of Programs, Feeding Tampa Bay

The FoodRX program is one of the ways that TampaWell activated by Tampa General Hospital is preventing chronic disease by building a wellness ecosystem in Tampa Bay.  

Community Garden Ground Breaking