Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should a patient be transferred to a trauma center?

A: Anytime a physician feels the patient’s needs exceed the capabilities of the current facility or that the patient would benefit from the services available at a Level I Trauma Center.

Q: Why is a trauma surgeon seeing me?

A: Your care team members are selected to meet your specific needs. A trauma surgeon may be assigned to your care plan depending upon your injuries. Specialty surgeons, such as neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons , may also be assigned to your care depending on the nature of your traumatic injuries. The trauma program is required to have a trauma surgeon available 24/7 to address emergent surgical injuries.

Q: What is the different between a Level I and a Level II trauma center?

A: Although both level I and II trauma centers have similar capabilities and resources dedicated to the severely injured patient, the level I trauma center is organized around the care of many multiple injury patients. The level I trauma center also serves as the regional resource for the subspecialty care not always available at level II trauma centers. The level I trauma center further supports the trauma system and community through active research and education programs.