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Frequently Asked Questions While Waiting for a Heart Transplant

How will I know when there is a donor?

You will need to carry a cell phone so we can contact you quickly when a donor becomes available. Once a donor is available, we’ll call your home telephone first. If there is no answer, your cell phone will be called next. Make sure you carry your cell phone anytime you are out of your house. If your home computer connects to your only phone line, be sure to keep your cell phone on while someone is using the computer. You must call the transplant office any time you go into the hospital or on vacation, are admitted to an outside hospital, or are in an area where cell phone service is unavailable.

What if I get sick while I am waiting?

It is important for you to keep the transplant team up-to-date about your health after you have been accepted as a transplant candidate. Please notify the transplant team of all illnesses and infections such as pneumonia, dental abscesses or major skin infections. Any infection must be treated before your transplant. If your overall health worsens, notify your transplant coordinator, as we may need to change your status with UNOS.