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Thrombotic Stroke Treatment from a Comprehensive Stroke Center

For thrombotic stroke treatment, it is beneficial to seek care at a comprehensive stroke center. Tampa General Hospital was the first hospital on the west coast of Florida to receive the distinguishing Comprehensive Stroke Certification, the highest national designation, from the Health Facilities Accreditation Program and is home to one of the largest neuroscience intensive care units in the nation. Our state-licensed comprehensive stroke center is equipped to provide specialized stroke treatment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, boasting some of the most cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to help us promptly begin stroke treatment. Since a thrombotic stroke is an ischemic stroke, the goal of the treatment process is to restore normal blood flow to the brain as quickly as possible. Thrombotic stroke treatment usually includes administering medication, such as:

  • Aspirin, which acts a blood thinner in order to help prevent clots from forming in the blood stream, reducing the likelihood of another stroke occurring
  • Intravenous injection of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), which is given through a vein in the arm to dissolve blood clots but is only effective if administered within a couple of hours after stroke symptoms occur

Treatment may also be sought through emergency procedures, including delivering medications directly to the brain through a very small catheter that is inserted into an artery in the groin. Other treatment options include angioplasty, which involves the inflation of a small balloon through a narrowed artery to restore it back to its original diameter followed by stent placement to help the artery maintain its size.

At Tampa General Hospital, our team of stroke specialists is highly experienced in performing all of these thrombotic stroke treatment options and always ready to provide comprehensive stroke care.