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Waiting on the Pancreas Transplant List

Doctor and nurse talk in hallwayYou will be added to the pancreas transplant waiting list operated by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) if you have been approved as a potential transplant candidate by Tampa General Hospital’s Medical Review Board and your insurance company has provided final approval for transplant surgery. This process requires submitting your name, phone number, address, blood type, body size, and current status to the UNOS database.

The UNOS system for pancreas allocation has remained the same for more than 20 years, although there are other plans that are being reviewed to improve the system. According to the current method, you will be placed on the pancreas transplant list as either active (status 1, 5, or 6) or inactive (status 7), and you will accrue time while you are on the waiting list. When a pancreas becomes available, it will be matched with the candidate on the list who has the longest wait time and who matches the blood and tissue type of the available organ. The donated pancreas also will need to be about the same size as the original organ.

kidney and pancreas transplant referral buttonWhile you are waiting on the pancreas transplant list, you will need to continue visiting your physician regularly; refrain from using tobacco, alcohol, and other chemicals; eat healthfully; and exercise routinely. You should also let your nurse coordinator know right away if your insurance coverage changes in any way. For more information about the pancreas transplant requirements, click here. Some patients may require a multi-organ transplant, when both a kidney and pancreas transplant are performed at the same time, or a pancreas transplant is performed after a kidney transplant.

Individuals on the pancreas transplant list do not receive personal details about the organ donor. However, you will have the opportunity to write a letter to express your gratitude to the donor’s family, if you wish. In this letter, you should not include your last name or other personal details. Your nurse coordinator will forward your letter to the donor’s family through LifeLink Foundation, Inc., the organ procurement organization that TGH partners with. You can also click here take a look at our frequently asked questions.

For overall organ transplants, Tampa General Hospital's Transplant Institute is ranked #5 in the nation and we've performed more than 10,000 transplants since the inception of our program.