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Pediatric Kidney Transplant Procedures Performed at Tampa General Hospital


Tampa General Hospital performs kidney transplant procedures for pediatric patients who have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. The Children’s Medical Center’s Kidney Transplant Program was established at Tampa General in 1983, and during that time our dedicated staff has provided comprehensive care for children in need of kidney transplantation. The CMC’s healthcare team is comprised of the highest-caliber medical professionals, including pediatric specialists for kidney transplants.

Tampa General Hospital’s Kidney Transplant Program is one of a handful of active programs in Florida to perform pediatric kidney transplants and is one of the busiest programs in west central Florida. In fact, our kidney transplant program is ranked #3 in the nation by volume. Both deceased and living donor kidney transplants are performed for pediatric patients at Tampa General. Some other notable facts about the kidney transplant program include:

  • Pediatric graft survival rates for procedures performed at Tampa General for one month and one year after surgery are typically comparable to the national averages, according to data compiled by the  Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.

  • According to SRTR data, thee-year survival rates of pediatric kidney transplant recipients in our program is usually comparable to the national average.

kidney and pancreas referral form buttonWhile kidney transplants may not be appropriate for all children who are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease, any child diagnosed with kidney failure may be considered for further evaluation at Tampa General Hospital. Typically, patients chosen for transplant are on dialysis, though in some instances patients who have irreversible kidney failure but don’t yet require dialysis may be considered for a preemptive transplant. Children ultimately are evaluated for our pediatric kidney transplant program based on the information provided by their primary care physician in a kidney transplant referral form as well as other factors.