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Childhood Cancer Symptoms

Childhood cancer symptoms vary greatly because they depend on the type of cancer a child has. Different forms of cancer can affect different areas of the body, which could result in a wide range of warning signs. Due to the relative infrequency of childhood cancer diagnoses, there are no widespread cancer screening tests that are recommended for the general population of children and adolescents, although some children with genetic predispositions to developing cancer are usually more closely monitored by their physicians.

Tampa General Hospital’s Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Program utilizes an extensive array of resources to diagnose, analyze, and treat all forms of childhood cancer for patients under the age of 21. Many of the children seen by Tampa General’s highly experienced team of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, hematologists, and other medical staff members come to us with recognized childhood cancer symptoms, such as:

  • Unusual swelling or an unexplained lump, particularly in the neck, chest, arm pits, abdomen, or groin
  • A loss of energy or noticeable paleness
  • Vision changes
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Lingering illness or fever
  • Continuous pain in one area of the body

The presence of one or more of these issues does not necessarily indicate that a child has any form of cancer, but these potential cancer symptoms in children are worth investigating. After all, detecting and treating cancer early in its development is one of the best ways to improve a patient’s prognosis.

Children and teenagers who are diagnosed with cancer can count on Tampa General for comprehensive hematology and oncology services, including chemotherapy infusions and radiation therapy at our Day Hospital and access to clinical research trials. Our cancer specialists can typically see non-emergency patients within a week of an appointment request, and members of our team are on call around the clock for patients who require immediate attention.

For a physician referral, please call 1-800-822-3627.