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Hip Conditions May Be Improved With Treatment

Patients suffering from hip conditions often deal with persistent and intense pain as well as reduced mobility that can negatively impact their ability to perform basic tasks. Because the hip is a joint that is particularly susceptible to degeneration over time, these symptoms can be especially pronounced in elderly individuals. However, there are numerous treatments available that can help relieve pain and fully or partially restore mobility; these treatments include rest, physical therapy, weight loss, and surgery.High Performing Hip Replacement Badge

For patients with hip conditions that require surgery, Tampa General Hospital is a leader in orthopedic care. We have been recognized for our comprehensive approach to orthopedic treatment and recovery for conditions of the hip and other joints, and our commitment to improving our patients’ quality of life. For example, our hip replacement program has earned a program-specific certification from The Joint Commission, and we have been named a high performing hospital for hip replacement by U.S.News & World Report for 2020-21.

Other reasons TGH is recognized as a leader in orthopedics include:

  • We take a multidisciplinary approach to surgery and recovery, providing our patients with a dedicated team of surgeons, physicians, ARNPs, RNs, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, and care coordinators.
  • We are a high-volume orthopedic program. As a result, our team has extensive experience caring for orthopedic patients, such as those with hip conditions.
  • We use state-of-the-art surgical technology. In fact, we are one of only a few centers providing “mini-incision” joint replacement surgery, which leaves the muscle intact and thereby reduces recovery time.

TGH’s Joint Center offers treatment for a variety of hip pain symptoms and conditions. Call 1-800-822-DOCS (3627), or use our PhysicianFinder to receive a referral to an orthopedic physician.