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Elbow Conditions Treated at Tampa General Hospital

Many individuals will suffer from problematic elbow conditions at some point in their lives. This joint is a complex arrangement of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage that experiences near-constant use, making it susceptible to a wide range of injuries and degenerative conditions. For example, osteoarthritis, which involves the cartilage that cushions the elbow bones softening and wearing away over time, is a common age-related condition that can cause significant pain and loss of mobility. Additionally, even a single traumatic elbow injury may have a lifelong impact, and can cause instability, swelling, pain, and other symptoms.

Patients living with elbow conditions that negatively impact their quality of life have numerous treatment options available to them, including rest, medication, and physical therapy. However, when these strategies fail, elbow replacement surgery may be the best course of action. Tampa General Hospital is a recognized leader in orthopedic care and has specialists with extensive experience treating a wide range of elbow problems.

TGH takes a comprehensive approach to orthopedic care to help facilitate long-term healing and recovery in the patients we serve. We are a high-volume center that performed close to 1,500 joint replacements in 2018 alone, so our team has the expertise necessary to uphold the highest standard of care. In fact, we’ve been recognized for our commitment to providing high-quality medical care to patients who have elbow conditions and other orthopedic conditions. We have earned top 25 recognition from U.S. News & World Report as one of the Nation's Best Hospitals for Orthopedics and the Highest Ranked in Florida Hospital for Orthopedics for 2021-22.

Patients with elbow pain symptoms and conditions and patients who would like to be referred to an orthopedic physician can use our online PhysicianFinder or call 1-800-822-DOCS (3627).