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Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Services

Spinal cord injury rehabilitation can involve many difficult challenges and hurdles, and it is important that patients can rely on the support and expertise of a comprehensive team of physicians and therapists to help improve their chances for future independence.

A spinal cord injury is a traumatic experience for both the patient and their family. Once they have moved past the acute phase and have been stabilized following the initial injury, it’s important to assess their unique situation and develop a rehabilitation plan. Preventing any secondary complications and maximizing function are important spinal cord injury rehabilitation goals, with a focus of reintegrating the patient back into their community.

Comprehensive rehabilitation plans for spinal cord injury patients are created and executed by a team of physicians and therapists that includes:

  • Physical therapists – Generally focus on patients’ difficulties with mobility and lack of function in lower extremities
  • Psychologists – Focus on the behavioral and emotional concerns the patient is dealing with
  • Occupational therapists – Address dysfunction in the upper extremities and potential problems in daily life
  • Rehabilitation nurses – Assist with potential bowel or bladder dysfunction issues
  • Speech-language pathologists – Potential problems with speech and swallowing are addressed
  • Case managers – Oversee the entire rehabilitation plan and work with the patient, their family, and the entire rehabilitation team

The ultimate goal of these comprehensive spinal cord injury rehabilitation plans is to return patients home and back into their communities, at which point they can begin outpatient care with physicians continuing to monitor their progress and changing needs.

Tampa General Hospital offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program for both adult and pediatric spinal cord injury patients. Our experienced team of physicians and therapists provides complete care through all phases of spinal cord injuries, from initial care through outpatient therapy.