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Tampa General Hospital’s Approach to Seizure Treatment

Each patient’s specific seizure treatment will depend on a variety of factors, perhaps the most important of which is the unique cause of his or her seizure. For example, patients suffering from provoked seizures (those caused by external factors, such as head trauma or drug abuse) will likely receive a different treatment plan than patients experiencing unprovoked seizures (those caused by natural phenomena such as genetic factors or neurological problems).

Tampa General Hospital’s Epilepsy Program is a Level 4 epilepsy center, which means we provide the highest possible level of medical and surgical services for patients with seizure disorders. We utilize the most advanced diagnostic tools, such as 24-hour video EEG monitoring, to accurately diagnose the specific type of seizure a patient may be experiencing, and then develop an individualized seizure treatment plan, which may include:

  • Epilepsy surgery – This treatment strategy involves removing the area of the brain responsible for causing seizures. At Tampa General Hospital, we perform more than 50 such surgeries a year, resulting in a cure for 80 percent of patients and a significant improvement in condition for an additional 10 percent.
  • Vagus nerve stimulation – This seizure treatment is best for patients who are not candidates for surgery. It involves implanting a device in the upper left area of the patient’s chest that sends pulses of electrical energy at regular intervals through the vagus nerve to control symptoms.
  • Laser ablation for minimally invasive neurosurgery – Tampa General Hospital is the first to offer laser ablation technology for seizure treatment in the Tampa Bay area. This technique uses light energy to destroy tissue that is responsible for causing seizures while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

Tampa General Hospital’s Epilepsy Program is the first in the nation to earn disease-specific certification from The Joint Commission, exhibiting our excellence in the field of seizure treatment.