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Neonatal Services

Neonatal Transport

Our neonatal transport team travels aboard TGH’s medical helicopters* or via ambulance to provide care during transport. This team includes a registered nurse and a respiratory therapist, specially trained to stabilize and transfer sick newborns to Tampa General from other hospitals in the region.

Neonatal Neuro-protection Program

The Neonatal Neuro-protection Program provides therapeutic hypothermia treatment to term or near-term infants with neonatal encephalopathy. The Neonatal Neuro-protection Program is a multidisciplinary service composed of a skilled neonatal transport team, medical specialists in neonatology and neurology, specially trained nurses, and respiratory therapists. The keys to effective therapeutic hypothermia are the early assessment and recognition of appropriate patients and the rapid implementation of hypothermia.  All infants eligible should receive this treatment within six hours of birth. Multi-center clinical trials have shown that early initiation of moderate hypothermia results in a decreased incidence of death and severe neuro-developmental disability in neonates with moderate to severe encephalopathy.  International studies have shown improvements in neurologic outcomes in neonates treated with hypothermia.  No studies have shown an increase in adverse outcomes.

Complex Care Program

USF Health and Tampa General Hospital’s Children’s Medical Center developed a joint Neonatal Follow-Up Program that:

  • helps keep babies healthy.
  • watches babies develop and grow.
  • provides specialty and well-child care in one practice.
  • works closely to include caregivers as partners in care.
  • has bilingual physicians and nurses
  • has a dedicated nurse to help with appointment scheduling and planning for care.
  • works with baby's family and medical team to meet the baby's needs.

Who Should Enroll?

Any baby who needs care in the hospital for any of these reasons will benefit from the special care services offered at our clinic:

  • Preterm birth less than 32 weeks gestation
  • Low birth weight less than 4 pounds
  • Issues with feeding
  • Poor growth and development
  • Chronic lung disease or breathing problems
  • Any issues with the brain
  • Multiple complex and chronic conditions
  • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome or other substance exposure
  • Birth defects
  • Stomach and bowel issues

Our Team

A team of neonatologists, pediatricians, nurses, therapists, and social workers work together with families to:

  • evaluate your family’s needs to make a care plan for your baby.
  • provide many services including:
    • well child care
    • same day sick visits
    • developmental assessments
    • specialty care coordination
    • therapies (including physical, occupational, nutritional, and psychological).
  • help support your family when emergency room visits and hospitalizations are necessary.
  • provide 24/7 access to a doctor within the USF Pediatrics – Tampa General
  • hospital system who knows your baby.
  • monitor your baby’s tests, referrals and progress to plan for their needs.

Goals for Your Baby

  • Help your baby stay healthy and meet their developmental goals
  • Increase your satisfaction with medical care.
  • Decreased emergency room visits
  • Decreased re-admissions to the hospital
  • Decrease the number of hospital days when admitted to Tampa General Hospital’s Children’s Medical Center.
  • Identify and manage medical and developmental problems early.
  • Keep a current and complete individual care plan for your family.
  • Coordinate scheduling of appointments, procedures and tests.

For more information about the Complex Care Program, call (813) 259-8700.

*Air transport services provided by Metro Aviation, Inc.