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Integrative Medicine Video Resources

Below you will find videos that will walk you through some integrative medicine practices as well as a video with relaxing music and imagery to help relieve pain and improve overall well being.


The first video is an introduction to the video resources series to help users understand how the integrative medicine practices throughout the series are beneficial for overall well being.


Breathing for Relaxation

This video instructs how to breathe to improve relaxation or reduce pain.  Many use these practices to clear their minds or to breathe through pain in order to decrease their perception of the pain.


Guided Meditation

This video teaches easy practices individuals may incorporate into their daily lives to help clear their minds and relax.  The practices are meant to take as little or as much time as the individual prefers.


Guided Muscle Relaxation

This video provides guidance through a muscle relaxation practice to help relax the whole body and feel more restful.


Music and Imagery

This video features visuals of nature and soothing music to promote relaxation.