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Ablation for AFib with Advanced MRI Mapping

Tampa General Hospital is the only hospital in the Tampa Bay area offering a new advanced mapping technique done on the MRI, to provide better diagnostic information to plan areas to target for ablation and improves the success rate of the procedure. This new technology utilizes state-of-the-art image processing software with delayed enhancement MRI to quantify atrial tissue enhancement, which is linked to fibrosis. The result is remarkable high-resolution 3D images that provide detailed models of the heart structures and a close look at the amount of enhancement and corresponding Utah Classification. The classification represents the percent of fibrosis in the heart tissue and can be used to better define candidates for ablation and anticoagulant therapy and predict long-term prognoses allowing physicians to develop more personalized treatment plans for arrhythmia patients. This information-based treatment model guides appropriate care and is designed to result in improved patient outcomes, often including a shorter procedure time.

Potential benefits of ablation with advanced MRI mapping:

  • Improved patient outcomes and accuracy of treatment planning. Technology allows providers to determine the state of fibrosis through image processing results. Together, the provider and patient can create a personalized treatment plan for the best chance of optimal patient outcomes.
  • Better understanding of potential procedure complexity prior to procedure.
  • Decreased radiation exposure by utilizing cardiac MRI instead of CT, exposing patients to less radiation.

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