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Gestational Diabetes Treatments

The purpose of gestational diabetes treatments is to help a woman maintain near-normal blood sugar levels throughout her pregnancy and prevent potential health complications to both her and her child. The most important part of any treatment plan is regular blood sugar measurements. A woman who has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes may have to take these measurements as often as five times per day, typically in the morning and after each meal, to ensure levels remain within a healthy range. Additionally, a woman with gestational diabetes may need to have more frequent ultrasounds and checkups to ensure her baby is developing properly.

Some of the most common gestational diabetes treatments include:

  • Healthy diet – Women with gestational diabetes should follow their physician’s nutrition plan. This typically involves eating healthy portions of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and reducing calories from fats.
  • Exercise – Physical activity lowers blood sugar, which plays a key role in managing gestational diabetes.
  • Medication – When diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, medicines, such as insulin, may be used.

Tampa General Hospital has been recognized on U.S. News & World Report’s list as one of the nation's best hospitals and highest ranked in Florida for Diabetes & Endocrinology in 2021-2022. Plus, we are one of the top 3 hospitals in Florida for this specialty as well. Our physicians are committed to helping women with gestational diabetes maintain normal blood sugar levels during pregnancy, leading to the birth of a healthy child without complications. Gestational diabetes treatments are based on each individual patient’s unique condition and overall health to ensure the highest likelihood of a positive outcome. To find a physician who can treat this condition, click here.