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Throat Cancer Treatment

Team of cancer doctors reading a tablet computerThroat cancer treatment often includes a combination of two or more therapies. The specific regimen recommended for a patient will depend on the size, extent, and location of the tumor, the type of cells that make up the cancer, and the patient’s personal preferences. At Tampa General Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of throat cancer treatment options through TGH's Ear, Nose, and Throat Oncology Program. These treatments include:

  • Surgery to remove the tumor, cancerous sections of the throat, part or all of the voice box, and/or nearby lymph nodes to which the cancer may have spread. Our surgeons specialize in minimally invasive and robotic techniques and perform a high volume of these procedures each year.

  • Chemotherapy to interfere with the growth patterns of cancerous cells. These medications target cells that divide more rapidly than most normal, healthy cells. We can customize the combination of drugs, dosages, and delivery schedules to meet each patient’s unique needs.

  • Radiation therapy, including external beam radiation therapy or internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy). Our radiation oncologists will recommend the delivery method most capable of destroying cancerous tissues while minimizing radiation exposure to nearby healthy tissues in the throat and neck.

Through our ENT oncology program, patients can also access integrative therapies and supportive care services that will enhance their quality of life throughout treatment. This comprehensive approach to care, along with our specialized equipment and skilled oncologists, makes us a leading choice for throat cancer treatment. We treat patients with all forms of throat cancer, and can schedule most new patients for a treatment consultation within two weeks of receiving their referral.

To learn more about throat cancer treatment at Tampa General Hospital, call (813) 844-2200 to be connected with our ENT oncology specialists.