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Rectal Cancer Treatment at Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital’s colorectal cancer specialists provide multifaceted rectal cancer treatment. Our team of specialists, which includes oncologists, surgeons, and many others, works together with patients to develop individualized treatment plans that maximize the removal of cancerous tissues and ensure the highest quality of life. Our approach is always dictated by the personal needs of the patient, reflecting the type and stage of his or her cancer, as well as other factors.

For many of our patients with rectal cancer, surgical treatment might be recommended. The direct removal of cancerous tissues can be a very effective way to manage or even cure the condition, particularly in its earlier stages. Some of the procedures that our experienced surgeons perform include:

  • Polypectomies, or the removal of precancerous polyps
  • Excision and resection surgeries, or the removal of a tumor and, if necessary, the tissue surrounding a tumor, to increase the odds that all cancerous tissue will be removed
  • Transanal surgeries, or the minimally invasive removal of tumors; these procedures have fewer side effects than traditional tumor excisions and TGH performs more of these procedures than any other facility in west central Florida

As part of our comprehensive approach to rectal cancer care and treatment, our team may also complement a patient’s surgery with targeted drug treatment and/or chemotherapy. These therapies can be used to shrink a tumor before surgery or to ensure that all the cancer cells have been killed afterward. Approaching cancer treatment from a multispecialty point of view allows our team to maximize the efficacy of our care.

For a physician referral, please use our Physician Finder tool or call (813) 844-2200.