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Nasal Cancer Treatment

Team of experienced cancer doctorsNasal cancer treatment is typically individualized to reflect the type of cancer that a patient has been diagnosed with, as well as its stage and cellular subtype, the smaller group the cancer can be divided into based on certain characteristics of the specific cancer cells. Because nasal cancer can develop in sensitive areas of the head, treatment plans must be carefully designed to minimize damage to healthy surrounding tissues.

At Tampa General Hospital, our team of physicians, surgeons, and others develop a comprehensive, multifaceted approach tailored to a patient’s individual needs. A nasal cancer treatment plan might include any or all of the following options:

  • Surgery – In the earlier stages of nasal cavity cancer, complete surgical removal may be possible. Surgeons can remove the affected tissue, as well as nearby bone material or lymph nodes as necessary. In some cases, nasal cancer treatment may involve some cosmetic changes that should be discussed before surgery takes place. TGH’s surgical robot is specifically designed to help surgeons remove tumors in the head and neck.

  • External radiation therapy and brachytherapy options – Radiation is beamed into the body or emitted through an implant installed near the tumor to kill cancer cells. This approach is often used in conjunction with surgery as a way of ensuring that cancer cells that may remain after surgery are eliminated.

  • Chemotherapy – Like radiation therapy, chemotherapy can be used before or after surgery in more complex cases of nasal cancer. It can include the administration of powerful infused or oral medications that kill fast-growing cells. There are also targeted chemotherapy options that can limit damage to healthy cells that traditional chemotherapy can harm.

To learn more about the nose cancer treatment options at Tampa General Hospital, use our PhysicianFinder tool call (813) 844-2200.