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Multiple Myeloma Symptoms Are the Result of Blood Cells Acting Abnormally

The symptoms of multiple myeloma are caused by cancerous plasma cells, or plasmacytomas, failing to properly create antibodies and preventing other blood cells from having enough room in the bone marrow to develop. Myeloma cells create a substance that can dissolve bone tissue. This can create issues from high levels of calcium in the blood, and plasmacytomas can also cause problems related to low blood counts, both of which are serious medical issues. Since many people don’t develop symptoms until after the disease has reached an advanced stage, it is important that anyone experiencing the symptoms quickly seek a medical opinion.

Multiple myeloma symptoms may include:

  • Bone problems, such as bone pain, weak bones, and easily broken bones
  • Sleepiness, confusion, loss of appetite, constipation, frequent thirst, and kidney problems, which can result from high blood calcium
  • Weakness, dizziness, and shortness of breath from insufficient red blood cells, or anemia
  • The occurrence of infections like pneumonia, caused by a weakened immune system and a low count of white blood cells
  • Easy bruising and heavy bleeding due to a low platelet count
  • Nervous system issues, such as numbness and weakness in the legs and back pain

Patients experiencing the symptoms of multiple myeloma can visit Tampa General Hospital’s Hematology/Oncology Clinic for an individualized treatment plan. Our multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists, surgeons, and other medical professionals utilize state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy known as TomoTherapy, to provide comprehensive treatment for our cancer patients.

For a physician referral, please or use our PhysicianFinder tool or call (813) 844-2200.