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Liver Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the primary form of treatment for many patients with liver cancer. At Tampa General Hospital’s Liver Oncology Program, our hepatobiliary surgeons excel in all types of liver cancer surgery and routinely address highly complex and advanced cases.

Types of Liver Cancer Surgery

There are multiple surgical approaches that can be taken to treat liver cancer. Some of the options available at TGH include:

Liver Resection

Liver resection is sometimes the first step of liver cancer treatment. Resection surgery—or partial hepatectomy—involves removing tumors and as much of the liver as safely possible. It is not possible to remove the entire liver without a transplant.

Liver Transplant

During liver transplant surgery (full hepatectomy), the cancerous liver is completely removed and replaced with a healthy liver from a donor.

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)  

HIPEC is a type of chemotherapy that is performed alongside surgery. During the procedure, cancer-fighting medicine is heated for increased potency and delivered directly into the abdominal cavity.

Irreversible Electroporation (IRE)

Performed under general anesthesia, IRE is a minimally invasive procedure that uses targeted electrical currents to help destroy cancer cells in a specific area.

World-Class Surgical Care

Any type of surgery that involves the liver—a vital organ that facilitates many important bodily functions—requires the specialized expertise of a highly experienced surgeon. That’s why so many patients choose TGH’s Liver Oncology Program for surgical care. TGH:

  • Has the only liver cancer program on the west coast of Florida to offer transplantation as a curative therapy
  • Excels in robotic-assisted techniques and is relied upon for highly complex liver resection surgeries that involve vascularized tumors
  • Among the first in the region to offer hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)
  • Recognized as one of America’s Best Hospitals in 2021-22 for Gastroenterology & GI Surgery and as one of the top 10% in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

To learn more about liver cancer surgery at TGH or to schedule an appointment, please call (813) 844-5480. We welcome patients who would like to receive a second opinion regarding a liver cancer diagnosis.