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Liver Cancer Treatment

Each patient’s ideal course of liver cancer treatment will vary according to his or her age and overall health, the stage of the cancer, its cellular makeup and several other individualized factors. Whether or not the cancer can be surgically removed—or the liver replaced—will also influence a patient’s care plan. In general, many liver cancer patients receive a combination of surgery and non-surgical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Our Approach to Liver Cancer Treatment

The experts at Tampa General Hospital’s Liver Oncology Program know that no two patients are exactly alike, and the most effective treatment plans are tailored to each individual’s unique needs. That’s why we offer a full spectrum of traditional and progressive treatment options to address all types of liver cancer, including:

Furthermore, TGH:

  • Is the only liver cancer program on the west coast of Florida to offer transplantation as a curative therapy
  • Features a multidisciplinary team with an unparalleled level of experience addressing even the most advanced and complex liver cancer cases
  • Stands at the forefront of hepatobiliary surgical care and is recognized as one of the top 10% in the nation for Gastroenterology & GI Surgery and Cancer Care in 2021-22. 

Still, we understand that liver cancer isn’t strictly clinical—it is a multifaceted disease that takes an emotional and physical toll, as well. That’s why our team includes dieticians, psychologists and palliative care specialists to help patients overcome the unique challenges that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

Clinical Trials  

We are committed to improving treatment options and outcomes for patients with liver cancer and other hepatobiliary malignancies through ambitious clinical trials. One study we’re involved in is exploring how the liver recovers following resection surgery and ways to improve upon current surgical approaches.

Our Patient-First Philosophy

TGH puts patients first by emphasizing brief appointment wait times and straightforward communication throughout the care process. We also collaborate closely with referring physicians and primary care providers in the community to help patients promptly receive the specialized care they need when symptoms or related conditions develop, such as chronic liver disease and hepatitis. When appropriate, patients may also take advantage of telehealth services that allow them to consult with our specialists from the comfort and safety of home.

To learn more about TGH’s approach to liver cancer treatment or to receive a second opinion, contact us at (813) 844-5480.