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Larynx Cancer Treatment at Tampa General Hospital

Cancer doctor having a conversation with a patientA patient’s unique larynx cancer treatment will depend on numerous factors, including age and overall health. However, the most significant factor for physicians in determining the proper course of treatment is the stage of the cancer and whether or not it has spread to other areas of the body. Some of the most common forms of treating larynx cancer include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Larynx cancer, also known as laryngeal cancer, is ranked on a scale of 0 through IV. The more severe the cancer, the more intensive the larynx cancer treatment will typically have to be. The following list shows which treatment procedures usually correspond with each stage of cancer:

  • Stage 0 – Larynx cancer at this stage is often curable and most commonly occurs on the vocal cords. Typical treatment options involve vocal cord stripping, laser surgery, and/or radiation therapy.

  • Stage I and II – Most patients at these stages can be treated without the total removal of their larynx (laryngectomy). In some patients, the condition can be treated with radiation therapy alone, which may result in a better preservation of the patient’s voice.

  • Stage III and IV – At these stages, patients will usually require some combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Often the patient will need a total laryngectomy. Additionally, larynx cancer at these stages has a high risk for spreading to nearby lymph nodes in the neck, so they may also need to be removed.

At Tampa General Hospital, our multi-specialty team, which includes highly experienced radiation oncologists, surgeons, and other cancer specialists, creates custom treatment plans for each patient based on his or her unique circumstances and stage of cancer. We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to excellent patient care by utilizing the most advanced technologies and techniques.

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