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World-Class Colon Cancer Treatment at Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital takes a comprehensive approach to colon cancer treatment, tailoring plans to suit the specific needs of our patients. If you’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, you’ll experience firsthand our individualized style of care, which takes into account:

  • The type and stage of a tumor you have
  • Other conditions you may have
  • Your overall health

Our team of experts includes physicians, surgeons, radiologists, gastroenterologists and many other cancer specialists, ensuring that all aspects of your health are considered in treatment. We don’t just treat colon cancer–we treat you and the issues you’re having and can apply various medical interventions as needed. This helps improve the effectiveness of our personalized treatment plans.

Surgical Treatments

In many cases, surgery is a recommended to remove cancerous tissue directly from the colon. Surgery is especially effective for early-stage cancers, but chemotherapy and targeted drug treatment may still be necessary to ensure that all abnormal cells are destroyed.

At Tampa General, our skilled team of physicians and surgeons has the expertise to accurately diagnose and effectively treat all kinds of colon cancer, including larger polyps or tumors. We’ll run the tests that need to be run, monitor your response to chemotherapy and even look at targeted genetic-based therapies that could help you.

Types of Colon Cancer Surgeries

Some of the surgical colon cancer treatments we offer include:

  • Polypectomy – The surgical removal of precancerous polyps from the colon.
  • Endoscopic submucosal resection – The removal of a small amount of tissue lining the colon and surrounding a tumor or polyp; typically performed at the same time as tumor excision to lower the chance of the cancer surviving the surgery.
  • Laparoscopic colectomy – A video-guided, minimally invasive procedure that repairs or removes a small portion of colon through a small incision in the abdomen.  

We try to minimize the side effects of these surgeries by using minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotically assisted approaches whenever possible, and our colorectal cancer surgeons are dedicated to staying abreast of technological advancements in colon surgeries. This commitment to learning and their extensive expertise are just some of the reasons why our surgeons are able to perform these highly technical procedures. In fact, Tampa General Hospital is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 10% in the nation for Cancer Care.

At Tampa General Hospital, we don’t just practice medicine. We define it.

For a physician referral, please use our Physician Finder tool or call (813) 844-2200.