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Triple Negative Breast Cancer Symptoms

Female cancer doctor taking notes in a labWhat distinguishes triple negative breast cancer from other forms of cancer is that it does not respond to hormone treatment, as it tests negative for HER-2/neu, progesterone, and estrogen receptors. It is also a particularly aggressive form of cancer that commonly spreads to other parts of the body. For these reasons, it is important for patients who are exhibiting any of the symptoms below to receive a comprehensive examination right away.

The most common triple negative breast cancer symptoms, like all types of breast cancer, are a lump and/or a thickening in the breast tissue. However, the warning signs can be very different from patient to patient, and some individuals may not exhibit symptoms at all. Other than a breast lump, some common signs of triple negative breast cancer include:

  • Changes in the breast’s skin, such as swelling, pitting, or redness
  • Unusual discharge from the nipple
  • Itchiness, irritation, pain, or tenderness in the breast
  • Changes in the appearance, such as peeling or flaking, on the nipple
  • Changes in the size of one or both breasts, or breast asymmetry

It is important to note that these symptoms are also associated with other types of breast cancer. For patients who test positive for any type of breast cancer, our team of surgeons, radiation oncologists, and other professionals can design a treatment plan that will be tailored to their unique circumstances.