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Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment at Tampa General Hospital

Cancer doctor explaining treatment options to patient while taking notesFor patients diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, a number of treatment options are available. However, triple negative breast cancer is distinct from many other forms of breast cancer in that it tests negatively for the hormone receptors estrogen, HER-2/neu, and progesterone. Breast cancers that test positively for these hormone receptors can often be treated with hormone therapy, which can stop cancer cells from sending signals that make them grow and divide. With triple negative breast cancer, hormone therapy is not a viable option. Additionally, triple negative breast cancer is often more aggressive and spreads more quickly than other types of cancer, which, in many cases, can make it more difficult to treat.

At Tampa General Hospital, our team of cancer specialists take a highly collaborative approach in developing individual treatment strategies for patients based on their unique condition. Most commonly, a treatment plan will involve:

  • Chemotherapy – Administering this treatment before surgery, known as neoadjuvant therapy, has been shown to improve overall treatment outcomes in some women.

  • Surgery – Depending on certain factors, such as the extent of the cancer, either a lumpectomy (the removal of a cancerous mass) or mastectomy (the removal of the entire breast) will be recommended. Lymph nodes may also be removed during surgery.

  • Radiation therapy – Radiation therapy is typically used in conjunction with surgery and chemotherapy and can help prevent recurrences.

The team of specialists at Tampa General Hospital is committed to creating treatment plans that provide our patients with the best possible outcomes. We use the latest diagnostic technologies to gain a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s condition, and utilize advanced tools to ensure we eliminate as much of the cancer as possible during each phase of treatment for triple negative breast cancer.