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Male Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Male patients with breast cancer symptoms should seek treatment from a cancer specialist after having an appointment for an official diagnosis. However, many men are not aware that they could possibly develop breast cancer, since it is more prevalent in women, and may ignore the symptoms of their condition until it becomes too severe for treatment. Fortunately, it can be easier to discover breast cancer earlier in men than in women. This is because men have less breast tissue, which can make the symptoms more prominent. These symptoms may include lumps in the breast, soreness and pain in the nipple, or a discharge from the nipple. Any men exhibiting these symptoms should seek a medical professional for proper diagnosis and the development of a treatment plan.

The treatment options for breast cancer in men are the same as those for women who have breast cancer and can include:

  • Modified radical mastectomy – This is the most common treatment for breast cancer in men and involves the surgical removal of the breast, the lining over the muscles in the chest, and most or all of the lymph nodes beneath the arm.
  • Breast-conserving surgery – This surgical technique is used to remove the cancer while leaving as much of the breast intact as possible.
  • Adjuvant therapy – Once cancer cells are no longer seen, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, or a combination of these therapies may be used to ensure that any cancer cells that were missed are killed.

Male patients diagnosed with breast cancer should seek treatment from a comprehensive cancer institute at Tampa General Hospital, we have a team of cancer specialists and other medical professionals that develops individualized treatment plans based on patients’ specific needs and provides compassionate care. Our multidisciplinary approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as our cutting-edge treatment techniques, has made TGH a leading destination for cancer patients.