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Male Breast Cancer Symptoms Are Generally Similar to Those Experienced by Women

Male breast cancer can display symptoms very much like the symptoms that women experience when they have breast cancer. However, many people are generally unaware that men can develop breast cancer, especially because it is more prevalent in women. Because of this, many men tend to ignore its signs and symptoms, even though it is of the utmost importance to seek diagnosis and medical treatment before it worsens or metastasizes. This is especially important for any men who have an increased likelihood of developing breast cancer due to any number of risk factors, such as a family history of cancer, high exposure to radiation, obesity, liver disease, Klinefelter syndrome and others.

While it is more rare for breast cancer to form in men than in women, it is often easier to notice the signs in men because they generally have less breast tissue in which cancer can develop. These symptoms may include:

  • nipple pain
  • clear or bloody nipple discharge
  • a lump in the breast
  • nipple sores
  • sores on the areola, the area of skin surrounding the nipple
  • swelling beneath the armpits from enlarged lymph nodes
  • changes in the size, temperature, contour, or texture of the breast
  • noticeable indentation or flattening on the breast

Any male patients exhibiting the symptoms of breast cancer should not be afraid to seek diagnosis. The team of cancer specialists and other medical professionals at Tampa General Hospital takes a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing cancer and providing highly effective individualized treatment plans with cutting-edge techniques, which makes TGH a leading destination for cancer treatment.