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Brain Cancer Symptoms May Not Always Be Obvious

Brain and nerve system diagramThe symptoms of brain cancer can be difficult to determine, as they are often similar to those of other conditions, and brain tumors will not always cause any of the known symptoms. That is why it is important to take note of the various warning signs that can be associated with a brain tumor and to seek a diagnosis from a physician if any symptoms occur. There are many ways of diagnosing a tumor, such as an MRI, CT scan, or angiogram. However, the surest way to determine the presence of brain cancer as well as its grade is a biopsy, or the removal of tissue to look for cancerous cells. Most brain cancer symptoms are caused by the tumor creating abnormal pressure on a nerve or part of the brain or blocking fluids. Signs that a person may have a brain tumor include:

  • Unusual headaches
  • Inexplicable nausea and vomiting
  • Issues with speech, hearing, and vision
  • Abnormal clumsiness and difficulty with balance
  • Memory problems
  • Unusual seizures
  • Numbness or tingling in the legs or arms

Anyone experiencing these and other brain cancer symptoms can seek a diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan by consulting the neuro-oncology specialists at Tampa General Hospital. Our surgeons are fellowship-trained medical professionals who work along with medical and radiation oncologists to develop comprehensive treatment strategies that are individualized to each patient’s case. We use cutting-edge technology for the treatment of brain cancer, and our surgeons are leaders in skull base surgery and minimally invasive treatments. For a physician referral, please use our Physician Finder tool  or call 813-844-7585.