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Infusion Center

In January, 2016 Tampa General Hospital opened its new infusion center designed to enhance our patients’ experience with:

  • Tampa General Hospital Infusion Center 20 large, private patient rooms with comfortable recliners and accommodations for one guest
  • A television with access to music, wi-fi, games and movies as well as a charging station for electronic devices in each room
  • Patient-controlled lighting and temperature features in each room
  • An On-site pharmacy with dedicated oncology pharmacists
  • An On-site lab-draw area for faster service
  • Boxed breakfast and lunch available for patients
  • Translation phones available in each treatment room to facilitate communication with non-English speaking patients

What to Expect

Tampa General’s Cancer Institute is located across from the parking garage.  Patients arriving at the Cancer Institute register just inside the Cancer Institute's main entrance.  A nurse will draw labs either peripherally or via the patient’s mediport.

Once lab values are ready, the medication is ordered from the pharmacy for mixing. During this time, the patient is educated on the medication that they will be receiving, including side effects. The oncology pharmacist is also available to answer any questions concerning the medication that is ordered by your physician.

Once the drug arrives chemotherapy is administered. Upon completion of the medication the patient’s intravenous access is discontinued and after discharge instructions are given, the patient is discharged from the center. The length of time a patient is in the center varies by the type and dose of medication the patient is to receive.

Hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

To schedule an appointment, please have your referring physician call 813-844-7585.