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The Pancreas Transplant Team at Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute

two physicians talking over a chartWhen you receive a pancreas transplant at Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute, you’ll not only work with a skilled transplant surgeon, but also with a number of support personnel who will ensure that you receive the highest possible standard of care. Your pancreas transplant care team will consist of:
  • A transplant coordinator, who will be your main contact throughout the transplant process, answering any questions that you, your family, your care team, and your insurance company may have
  • A nephrologist, who specializes in treating diseases that cause kidney and pancreas transplants, and will use his or her expertise to help tailor your treatment plan to your unique situation
  • A surgeon who has extensive experience in pancreas transplants, and will explain and complete your pancreas transplant procedure
  • A social worker, who will evaluate your at-home support system and other factors such as your finances and insurance
  • A psychologist, who will conduct additional evaluations regarding your ability to adhere to the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make after your transplant
  • A financial counselor, who will obtain permission for your pancreas transplant evaluation (and eventual transplant) from your insurance company, and also ensure that you have adequate financial resources for post-transplant medications and care
  • A dietitian, who you’ll have an educational session with before you’re discharged from our transplant center to discuss your nutritional needs after your pancreas transplant
  • A pharmacist, who will explain the various medications you’ll need to take so your body doesn’t reject your new pancreas

kidney and pancreas referral form buttonIf you have any questions about the team involved with the pancreas transplant process at Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute, feel free to contact your transplant coordinator toll-free at 1-800-505-7769 (press 5 for the pancreas transplant program and ask for the referral coordinator), or call the coordinator directly at (813) 844-8686.