Nursing Research

As a Magnet hospital, Tampa General Hospital recognizes the importance of nursing research and encourages the conduct and utilization of research in all areas of nursing. Nurses have the opportunity to participate in any aspect of nursing research from data collection to serving as a principal investigator. In addition to our dedicated Nurse Specialist for Nursing Research we have strong collaborative relationships with nursing faculty from various universities and our Office of Clinical Research. Research conducted by our nursing staff has been recognized at the local, national and international levels through presentations and publications.


  • Mary Kutash MSN, ARNP
    Nurse Specialist
    Nursing Research
    813-844-7040 (office)
    813-332-7040 (beeper)
    813-844-7128 (fax)
  • Leah Godfrey RN, MPH
    Director Nursing Operations
    813-844-4580 (office)
    813-844-1317 (fax)

Open IRB approved studies

  • Factors Affecting the Process of Clinical Decision-making in Pediatric Pain Management by Emergency Department Nurses
  • Retrospective Chart Review of Traumatically Injured Patients with Co-morbid Mental Illness to Assess the Need for Outpatient Health Intervention
  • The Effect of Nursing on NICU Patient Outcomes (Funded by the National institute of Nursing Research R01 NR010357-01A1)
  • The Relationship between Nurses’ Stress and Nurse Staffing Patterns in a Hospital Setting
  • Transpyloric feeding tubes by electromagnetic tube placement devices
  • Characteristics of Patients With Acute Skin Failure in Critical Care Units
  • Standardized Nursing Rounds as a Method to Improve Nurse Satisfaction, Patient Satisfaction with Nursing Care and Patient Safety

Completed Studies

  • Group Care Pre Natal Project
  • Work-Related Muskuloskeletal Symptoms among Flight Crew Members in the United States
  • Staff Satisfaction with Nurse Practitioners
  • Impact of a Lift Team on Recruitment and Retention of Experienced Nurses
  • Effectiveness of Femoral Nerve Blocks with Post-operative Pain Management in Total Knee Arthroplasty
  • Diabetes Outcomes in Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients
  • Characteristics Associated With Unplanned Extubation in a Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Reliability of a High Risk Fall Assessment Tool for Use in the Acute Care Setting
  • Survey Assessment of a High Risk Fall Instrument for use the acute care setting
  • The APN Weighted Risk Tool for Repeat Falls
  • Mandatory Domestic Violence Reporting and Barriers Nurses Face
  • The Occurrence of Accelerant Related Burn Injuries During and Immediately Following the 2003 and 2004 Hurricane Seasons in Central Florida
  • A Retrospective Review of Lightning Strike Injuries over the Past 10 years
  • Experience of the Waiting Room