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Aerial view of Tampa General Hospital
by Tampa General Hospital on Thursday January 15, 2015
About TGH Health News

At TGH Health News, our goal is to provide you with a timely and accurate resource for the latest health news, complete with insights from experts you can trust. We believe that better information is a valuable tool to help Tampa Bay residents live their best and healthiest lives.

The articles on TGH Health News should not be considered specific medical advice, as each individual circumstance is different. Consult your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines.

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TGH Health News Staff

Lisa Greene, MA, public relations manager, joined Tampa General Hospital in 2014 from USF Health, where she was the chief communications officer. She spent several years as the medical writer at the Tampa Bay Times. Her work has been recognized by the American Bar Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Daniel Wallace, visual media specialist, acts as Tampa General Hospital’s photographer, videographer and general visual guru. Prior to joining TGH, he worked as a photojournalist for the Tampa Bay Times for 13 years. 

TGH Health News Contributors

Michelle Bearden is a veteran newspaper and broadcast journalist with multiple national and state awards. Prior to launching her freelance career, she worked as a multimedia reporter for The Tampa Tribune and WFLA-TV for 20 years. She now specializes in health, faith and travel writing. When she's not working, she's an avid cowgirl, enjoying her two horses.

Mike Brassfield is a veteran writer and editor who worked for newspapers for 23 years, chiefly at the Tampa Bay Times. Health news was one of the many subjects he covered. He later edited and wrote for a U.S. Department of Defense website and magazine. A father of two, he's now a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder, a website that helps readers save money.

Kurt Loft is a veteran journalist who worked at the Tampa Tribune for 27 years, where he produced a syndicated science section and won nine national science journalism fellowships. A senior writer for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kurt enjoys cooking, classical music, and studying European history. 

Wendy Malloy has worked as a writer and editor for more than two decades, with her work appearing in publications including Time magazine, the Tampa Tribune, and Tampa Bay Illustrated. Today she's a senior manager in communications for PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

Tiffani Sherman has extensive experience in both print and broadcast journalism. She has produced daily television newscasts in large markets and served as an editor of a small-town newspaper. After leaving daily news, Tiffani has produced training videos and documentaries as well as writing content for a variety of clients, including major newspapers and online sites.

Erin Sullivan is a newspaper reporter who left the Tampa Bay Times in 2013 after the birth of her daughter and to spend time with her father, who was dying from cancer. Though she spent years covering breaking news, crime and courts, health news is a growing passion. Learning about and sharing medical news that can help our lives is important and she’s thankful to do it.

TGH Healthy Recipe Contributors

Jamie Vespa is a former TGH registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist with a passion for getting creative in the kitchen.  Now assistant nutrition editor at Cooking Light magazine, Vespa also has a blog,, full of remarkably original, delicious, and nutritious recipes help prove that eating healthy can taste just as good as it feels.

Melissa Odorisio is a TGH registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist with a passion for cooking with whole, plant-based foods.  Her recipes make eating healthy fun, attainable, and delicious. You can find more recipes at

Christina Goddard is a TGH registered and licensed dietitian with a passion for nourishing food and nutrition, living an active lifestyle, and traveling.  On her blog,, you can find recipes that promote eating whole foods, something she believes is important to staying healthy and preventing chronic diseases.

Well U in 2, TGH’s fitness video series, features trainers and fitness experts from the Tampa General Employee Health and Wellness Center.