For These Brothers, a Summer of Sound

Published: Aug 5, 2015



Tampa resident Elias Goutoufas has been unable to hear for most of his life.

So has his brother, Davelis, or D.C. But earlier this summer, D.C. Goutoufas got cochlear implants. He finally got to hear the voices of his wife and daughter.

Next it was Elias’ turn. A few weeks ago, Dr. Loren Bartels performed the surgery at Tampa General to implant the internal components of the cochlear devices in each ear.

On Wednesday, with his brother by his side, Elias Goutoufas got his implants turned on. And finally, the two brothers could hear each other.  

For more information about the Goutoufas family’s experience, visit  After A Lifetime Of Silence, Sound. For more information about cochlear implants at Tampa General, call 813-844-4900.