Woman talking in front of others

Telling Stories Helps Heal Hearts for Trauma Survivors

It began as a special, peaceful day. Karen Hutcheson was driving her 7-week-old grandson Samuel back home in August 2013 after his first sleepover. She never knew what hit her. A car...
People celebrating the opening of the TGH Brandon Healthplex

Under Construction: It’s the Brandon Healthplex

The TGH Brandon Healthplex will be both a “vital economic engine” and a “healthcare anchor for the community,” County Commissioner Stacy White said Tuesday at a topping-off ceremony to mark the...
Mass casuality drill

This Is Just a Drill: TGH Practices to Prepare for the Worst

Twenty-two volunteer victims were bused to the parking area under the Emergency Department, where members of the decon team triaged the arrivals. Kira Jaroszewski is a 22...
Pirates visit patient in the hospital

Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla invades Tampa General

  We hear rumors pirates are preparing to invade Tampa. But Tuesday Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla came to visit our patients.  
USF students volunteering at the hospital

Have a Bear and a Smile

Teddy bears arrived in the Children’s Medical Center Friday afternoon and everything got a little bit cuddlier. “I love it,” said patient Juliana Garcia, hugging her new bear. “I think it’s cute...
Woman smiling

What Happens When Health Care Workers Become Patients?

  When health care workers become patients themselves, the impact on their lives and their work can be profound. Employees from across Tampa General Hospital learned about life "on the...
Aerial view of Tampa General Hospital

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