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TGH Research Credentialing

Research credentialing is required for anyone who will be coming to TGH for research procedures or accessing any TGH patient health information for research purposes.  Student and TGH staff credentialing is handled by the Office of Clinical Research.  All other credentialing applications are handled through the Human Resources Department.  Please refer to the appropriate applications below for the required documentation as well as the departmental contact.

TGH Employees

Contact: Laini Waters,

Non-TGH Employees
Contact: Human Resources PO Box 1289 Tampa, FL 33601 (813) 844-7551 (office)
Nursing applicants must also be approved by the TGH Credentialing and Authorizing Committee before conducting research at Tampa General Hospital.

Annual Education Requirement for Renewal

As an annual requirement, TGH OCR requires four continuing education courses to be completed prior to the expiration of your TGH badge. Attendance at the monthly TGH-USF Research Coordinator meetings is preferred. However, in lieu of the meetings, you may complete any of the sessions on the NIH training site online ( or turn in certificates from USF research courses or other online webinars for education credits. The update for or IATA training for shipping will also count towards your education credits.

Please submit all educational certificates to Laini Waters,