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Acute Care Research Team

A cornerstone of the Department of Emergency Medicine research program is the Acute Care Research Team. This program is the hub for ED based acute care inpatient hospital studies and performs screening, recruitment, enrollment and protocol execution for time sensitive research studies on a 24 hour basis. The team enrolls patients for industry sponsored, federally funded, and other investigator-initiated projects including randomized controlled interventional trials, trials with complex clinical care protocols, studies of diagnostic tests, and registry trials.

Our Acute Care team is a diverse group, consisting both of individuals with existing medical training and others who are looking ahead to a career in medicine or a medical field. The core team includes four research nurses and one data coordinator.  Additionally, the acute care team has about ten research associates who are primarily medical school graduates seeking part-time work while pursuing placement.  The program has provided a unique opportunity for research assistants to enhance and expand their current skills, while experiencing the fast-paced and vibrant patient care and clinical research environment of the TGH Emergency Department, which sees over 100,000 visits per year.

Current & Pending Studies

Study Patients Sponsor Coordinator PI
ANNEXA Urgent reversal of Xyrelto Portola Ashley Bader Wilson
CONFIRM Hepatorenal Syndrome Mallinckrodt Ashley Bader Kemmer
LEX-209 Significant bleeding risk Octapharma Louis Pierre Wilson
RE-COVERY Pulmonary Embolism Boehringer Ingelheim Elisabeth Ballans Wilson
SOAR Clinical and economical impact of bleeding due to anti-coagulants Hospital Quality Foundation Louis Pierre Wilson
SPOT Bacterial infection Allergan Tonya Fish Patterson
UPSTREAM Utilization of tricagrelor in the Upstream setting for NSTEMI Hospital Quality Foundation Louis Pierre Wilson
VX-210 Spinal cord injury VERTEX Elisabeth Ballans Vale