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Tampa General Hospital: One of the Leading Lung Transplant Centers in Florida and the Nation

ER doctor in front of monitor

Tampa General Hospital has become one of Florida's leading lung transplant centers thanks to our experienced transplant team, as well as our partnership with LifeLink Foundation, Inc., one of the most robust and successful organ procurement organizations in the state.

Our lung transplant program includes experienced medical professionals who perform a high volume of transplant surgeries each year, and who continually work with our hospital's other transplant programs to gain valuable knowledge that assists in providing comprehensive care to our adult transplant patients. These are among the reasons that we are able to accept high-risk patients that other lung transplant centers may be unable to treat. Even though we admit patients with advanced lung problems into our program, our post-transplant outcomes are statistically comparable to national averages.

According to data released by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), our three-year post-transplant survival rate for lung transplants is usually higher than the national average. In addition to having consistently positive outcomes after our transplants, Tampa General has some of the shortest times to transplant among all the lung transplant centers in the nation. On average, we typically transplant our patients within less than a year of being wait-listed, whereas the regional average is longer. The times to transplant depends on the availability of organs, as well as compatibility with the potential recipients, which is why our partnership with LifeLink Foundation, Inc., is so important.

As with other lung transplant centers, patients must be referred to TGH’s Lung Transplant Program by their physician using our cardiothoracic transplant referral form. Our staff will then review this information and determine if the patient is suitable for further evaluation.

If our staff decides that a transplant is the appropriate course of action, the transplant candidate will be asked to attend several appointments and undergo physical assessments to get a better understanding of his or her current condition.