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Kidney Transplantation Information

Kidney transplantation is a procedure that can become necessary for a person who has been diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. Renal failure, which is also known as kidney failure or renal insufficiency, is a condition that prevents the kidneys from sufficiently filtering waste products from the blood. There are two main causes of renal failure – chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury. In most cases, renal failure is caused by an underlying condition, most commonly diabetes or high blood pressure. If dialysis will not be an effective long-term solution for a person with chronic renal failure, then kidney transplantation could be recommended. Tampa General Hospital, has performed kidney transplants for more than 40 years. Since our kidney transplant program was established in 1974, thousands of individuals have undergone successful kidney transplantation at TGH. Both living and deceased donor kidney transplants are performed in our program, which is one of only seven active kidney transplant programs in Florida. Transplants are performed at TGH for both adult and pediatric patients. Notable facts about TGH’s Kidney Transplant Program include:

  • Hundreds of kidney transplants are performed each year at TGH, making our program one of the busiest in the country.
  • Patients in our program experience some of the shortest times to transplant in the nation, according to data released by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.
  • The one-year and three-year adult graft survival rates for patients in our program typically exceed the national averages. Our program’s one-year and three-year adult patient survival rates also traditionally exceed the national averages.
  • Our program partners with LifeLink Foundation, Inc., a nationally recognized organ procurement organization. Thanks to this dynamic and successful partnership, patients in our program are able to find a suitable kidney for transplantation almost twice as quickly compared to the nationally expected transplant rates.

Kidney transplantation may not be a suitable treatment for every individual who has been diagnosed with renal failure. Any adult with a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease may be considered for kidney transplantation evaluation. Patients are ultimately evaluated for Tampa General Hospital’s Kidney Transplant Program based on the information their primary care physician provides in a completed kidney transplant referral form as well as other factors.