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Kidney Transplant Surgery Wait Time Could Be Reduced for Patients from New York City, NY through Multiple Listing

Surgeons and nurses in the operating room

The average wait time for kidney transplant surgery (from the day a patient is approved for a transplant to the time a kidney is acquired and the surgery is completed) varies from region to region. In New York City, New York, the median wait time historically exceeds six years. Several factors can contribute to each New York-area patient’s individual wait time, and some urgently ill patients are matched with a kidney within just weeks of their listing. However, many patients register at out-of-area transplant centers – a technique known as multiple listing – to potentially shorten the amount of time they spend on the kidney transplant waiting list. Tampa General Hospital’s Kidney Transplant Program is one of the most active programs in the country, having completed thousands of kidney transplants since 1974. Patients who consider multiple listing for kidney transplant surgery at TGH can benefit from:

  • Some of the shortest wait times in the country. Our average time to transplant is typically lower than the median wait time in New York and lower than the national average wait time, according to a report from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.
  • Our dynamic partnership with LifeLink Foundation, Inc., one of Florida’s most successful organ procurement organizations. A single organ procurement organization serves all 12 kidney transplant centers in the New York City area. TGH is one of just two kidney transplant centers served by LifeLink Foundation, Inc., which means that we receive a greater number of organs to allocate to our kidney transplant surgery candidates.
  • The experience of our surgeons. As a high-volume center, we have extensive experience with even the most complicated transplant surgeries, and have developed a refined, comprehensive approach to kidney transplant surgery.
  • A desirable post-surgery location. Transplant recipients are required to remain within driving distance of TGH for several weeks after their operation to receive ongoing care to ensure that the new organ is functioning as intended. TGH operates two nearby Transplant Houses, where patients can find lodging accommodations and experience a home away from home as they recover. Plus, Tampa features an abundance of sunshine and attractive conditions for recuperation.

Patients from New York City, NY, can learn more about the kidney transplant surgery requirements and the process of dual listing at TGH by calling our transplant coordinator toll free at 1-800-505-7769 (press 5 for the kidney transplant program and ask for the referral coordinator), or by calling the coordinator directly at (813) 844-8686. Our kidney transplant referral form should be completed by a physician.