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Kidney Transplant Options for New York City, NY, Transplant Candidates

For kidney transplant candidates who have been added to a wait list at a New York City, NY, transplant center, it does not necessarily mean a suitable organ will be allocated soon. Patients can experience varying lengths of time spent on the wait list due to a number of factors. Patients who have rarer blood types and other specific matching needs tend to wait longer for a compatible organ to become available, while candidates with more urgent conditions are typically the first to be matched with kidneys. Patients can better understand how long they can expect to wait by looking at their center's average time to transplant.

In the New York area, the typical kidney transplant candidate can expect a rather lengthy wait period, due to the fact that many kidney transplant centers in the area are served by a single organ procurement organization. In order to provide candidates on the waiting list with a better opportunity to locate a matching organ in a potentially shorter span of time, many centers allow patients to be double listed. That means that a kidney transplant candidate can be registered to receive an available organ at their local transplant center and at one or more other centers around the country. Typically, patients select centers in areas that have shorter overall wait times for their transplant candidates. At Tampa General Hospital, we accept New York City kidney transplant patients who want to double list. Wait times at our transplant center can be shorter, since our program is only one of two adult programs served by our local organ procurement organization, so there are fewer patients to consider when a kidney becomes available. Other important facts about our program include:

  • We can often accept kidney transplant patients with high-risk cases whom other centers may have had to turn away.
  • Historically, our survival rates have exceeded the national average, according to past SRTR reports
  • We're located in sunny central Florida, where double listed patients from New York City and beyond can enjoy our climate as they recover from their surgery.

To learn more about double listing, New York City kidney transplant patients may contact TGH. Call our transplant coordinator toll-free at 1-800-505-7769 (press 5 for the kidney transplant program and ask for the referral coordinator), or contact the coordinator directly at (813) 844-8686.

Physicians can also access our transplant referral form here.