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Tampa General Hospital is a Leading Kidney Transplant Center in Florida

Surgeon and nurses performing a kidney transplant

Tampa General Hospital is one of the most active kidney transplant centers in Florida, having performed thousands of kidney transplants since our kidney transplant program began in 1974. However, more important than the number of transplants we perform is the rate at which we are able to find suitable donor kidneys for the patients on our waiting list. According to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), which tracks wait times and outcomes for every transplant center in the United States, because there are more kidney transplant recipients than there are organ donors, the average time to transplant is quite lengthy. Thanks to our dynamic partnership with LifeLink Foundation, Inc., one of the state’s leading organ procurement organizations, patients in our kidney transplant program typically receive kidneys after a shorter amount of time than the national transplant wait times.

Because of our traditionally shorter wait times, we are a leading destination for transplant patients throughout the state of Florida, as well as other parts of the country. Additionally, we accept into our program multiple-listed transplant candidates, or patients who are simultaneously registered at more than one transplant center. Patients who are multi listed are considered for a wider range of donor kidneys as they become available. While multiple listing does not guarantee a match, it often helps reduce the amount of time a transplant candidate spends on the waiting list.

To learn more about receiving a kidney transplant at Tampa General Hospital in Florida, contact the transplant coordinator toll free at 1-800-505-7769 (press 5 for the kidney transplant program and ask for the referral coordinator), or call the coordinator directly at (813) 844-8686.

You can also find our kidney transplant referral form here. It should be completed and submitted by a physician before a patient is considered for multiple listing.