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The Kidney Transplant Care Team at Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute

The kidney transplant care team at Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute is committed to our patients and their needs. We have an experienced staff of medical and non-medical professionals that will work together to make each patient’s transplant experience as straightforward as possible. As a kidney transplant patient at TGH’s Transplant Institute, you’ll work with:

  • A designated transplant coordinator, who will serve as the main contact for you, your family, your care team, and your insurance company. Any questions that arise during the process can be directed toward your coordinator.

  • A nephrologist, who specializes in the treatment of kidney-related conditions. Your nephrologist will coordinate your care plan with the other members of the transplant team.

  • A surgeon, who will perform your kidney transplant at our transplant center. Your surgeon will also explain the kidney transplant procedure, the risks associated with the surgery, and the recovery instructions that you will need to follow after your operation.

  • A social worker, who will help assess your support system, your ability to cope with the demands of the transplant process, your financial and insurance situation, and other variables that are important for a successful transplant. You and your family can expect to meet with your social worker several times throughout the transplant process.

  • A financial counselor, who will work with your insurance company to confirm your coverage for a kidney transplant evaluation and the transplant procedure itself. Your financial counselor will also help ensure that you have appropriate financial resources for anti-rejection medications and other post-transplant care requirements.

  • A registered dietitian, who will assess your nutrition status and help you understand the special diet that you’ll need to adhere to before and after your kidney transplant.

  • A pharmacist, who will provide you with all necessary medications and explain the potential side effects of each drug.

  • A psychologist, who will evaluate your coping skills and ability to adhere to the post-transplant requirements.

kidney and pancreas referral form buttonYou can also seek peer-to-peer support and mentoring through TGH’s N.O.T.E. (National Organization for Transplant Enlightenment) group. We invite all kidney transplant patients and their loved ones to join us at our center to meet with this support group. Support group meeting times and location can be found HERE, or call (813) 844-7323 for more information.

Contact Tampa General Hospital for more information about our kidney transplant program.  Call 1-800-505-7769 (press 5 for the kidney transplant program and ask for the referral coordinator), or call the coordinator directly at (813) 844-8686.