Adult Neuropsychology | Tampa General Hospital

Adult Neuropsychology

The Adult Neuropsychology Program at Tampa General Hospital is located in the Rehabilitation Center and provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation for adults across the life span. Neuropsychology is a sub-specialty of clinical psychology that provides assessment of cognitive, behavioral and emotional changes that can occur due to known or suspected brain disorders/injury or other medical disorders that can affect the brain. Neuropsychological evaluation is often indicated when a cognitive change or impairment is suspected due to:

  • Traumatic brain injury/concussion
  • Anoxic brain injury
  • Metabolic/toxic brain injury
  • Stroke/cerebrovascular disease
  • Substance abuse
  • Parkinson disease/movement disorder
  • Memory disorders/dementia (e.g., Alzheimer disease)
  • Mild cognitive impairmentEpilepsy/seizure disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Brain tumors
  • Neurodevelopmental disorder
  • Genetic disorders
  • Systematic diseases affecting the brain or central nervous system (e.g., organ failure)

Neuropsychologists evaluate brain function by using noninvasive, norm-referenced, standardized tests of cognition, memory and thinking skills, and then use this information to develop a personalized treatment plan. These tests are typically paper-and-pencil tests and cannot be passed or failed. The goal of testing is to measure how the individual performs relative to other individuals of their age and education.


The neuropsychological evaluation itself includes an interview with the patient and family members as well as formal cognitive testing. It often includes assessment in the following areas:

  • Intellectual functioning
  • Memory
  • Language skills
  • Visuospatial skills
  • Attention
  • Processing speed
  • Executive functioning (planning, organizing, problem solving)
  • Sensorimotor functioning
  • Academic functioning
  • Adaptive behavior
  • Emotional adjustment
  • Personality


A prescription from a Florida licensed MD or ARNP is required prior to scheduling neuropsychological services. TGH accepts most insurance plans. When you have a prescription from your doctor or ARNP, call (813) 844-7719, ext. 5. Our staff will verify your insurance benefits and schedule the assessment. Patients are seen at the Tampa General Hospital Rehabilitation Center.