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A Gastric Band Can Assist with Weight Loss

A gastric band is a silicone device that wraps around the upper portion of the stomach to restrict food intake. Unlike other weight loss surgeries, gastric banding does not require stapling the stomach or rerouting the intestines, making it the least invasive weight loss surgery option available. Once the band is in place, a medical professional can easily adjust it through a port to increase or decrease food intake, or can completely remove the band in the future.

Compared with gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy surgeries, the implantation of a gastric band results in slower and more modest weight loss, with patients typically experiencing a loss of 40 percent of excess weight. As with all weight loss surgeries, gastric banding requires some lifestyle changes. And since weight loss through gastric banding is a gradual process, these changes are even more important for the surgery to be effective. The lifestyle changes that may be required after having a gastric band inserted include:

  • Making healthy choices regarding food
  • Changing how you chew and swallow food
  • Avoiding certain foods
  • Recognizing when you are full
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Taking vitamins or nutritional supplements

Tampa General Hospital, in conjunction with USF Health, is proud to offer bariatric surgery options, including the insertion of a gastric band around the stomach. Patients benefit from the wide range of services offered through our bariatric program. This includes pre-surgery education and counseling as well as post-surgical care and support groups. Our team of specialists completes a comprehensive wellness assessment for patients interested in bariatric surgery in order to determine the weight loss surgery that is best suited for each individual’s goals, lifestyle, and general health.

Patients interested in learning more about weight loss surgery options such as the gastric band can contact Tampa General Hospital by emailing or calling (813) 844-7473.