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Transplant Houses

In 2013, the TGH Foundation was charged with raising money to convert 2 Davis Island homes into “Transplant Family Housing.”  In May of 2014 we opened the first house, and then in November, we opened up the second Transplant House. To say the houses have been a success is a huge understatement. They have been overwhelmingly well received and have lifted the burdens of many of our patients and their families.  Below are a few quotes from folks who have stayed in the houses, and we thought you would appreciate reading what they have said.

Integral to our recovery is the gem and blessing of the Transplant House. Not only did I receive world class care while in the hospital, but TGH provided a home to allow for optimal recuperation. We are here with two other families who have touched and enriched our lives tremendously. There aren’t enough words to express the level of gratitude my husband and I have for the TGH family and all you continue to do to help us reach the top of our mountains”  

“The Transplant House was such a needed reprieve from the goings on at the hospital. It provided me a safe haven where I could recharge and rest which simply was not possible in the hospital. I didn't even know how much I needed the respite of a place like The Transplant House until I was given the generous opportunity to stay there.”

The houses serve as a home away from home for transplant patients and their families. They are not a medical facility in any way, shape or form and the patients we serve, the patients that you can help support, appreciate the generosity of TGH Foundation donors more that we can tell you.

Continued efforts to raise money for these houses will assure that the patients who stay in these homes will not have to pay out of pocket for the convenience of staying across the street from Tampa General Hospital. The peace of mind this brings ins immeasurable.

Click here to view the Transplant Houses Campaign report on giving.

For information on how you can help these families in their time of need, please contact the TGH Foundation office at (813) 844-7560.